I need help with external redirecting in AngularJS.

This is my route:

$routeProvider.when('/route1/', {
    template: html_externalRedirect,
    resolve: resolver(['core/controllers/ExternalRedirectController'])

This is my redirect controller:

define(['myApp',], function (myApp) {
   'use strict';
   myApp.lazy.controller('ExternalRedirectController', ['$location', '$window',
       function ($location, $window) {
          $window.location = baseUrl + $location.path();

Redirect works successfully, but when I click 'back' browser button, it redirects me to 'not found' page. Seems like, records in window history are wrong. Could anyone help me solve this issue?


It may be because you didn't define the default route to $routeProvider. Please add either of two options to solve this problem:

  • .when("/", { template: html_externalRedirect })
  • otherwise({ template: html_externalRedirect });
  • Sorry, I didn't specify it in my question, but I have a default route to $routeProvider. How it can help me? I don't exactly understand. – Dmytro Pavliuchenko Nov 29 at 22:24

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