The request params are shown in the network but the second param (fileId) is received as null in the controller. The request returns 400 bad request.

@PostMapping(path = "/uploadFile")
public ResponseEntity<ServiceResponse> upload(
        @RequestParam(value = "id") Long userId,
        @RequestParam(value = "fileId") Long fileId,
        @RequestPart(value = "file") MultipartFile... file) {

        return ResponseEntity.ok(serviceResponse);

request URL: (the file is sent in the body: formData) http://localhost:8080/api/upload?id=9999&fileId=101

  • Do you also send a fileId key in your form-data? i.e. does the file parameter contain a fileId key? Because your fileId RequestParam should not be null with the request you provided, unless a fileId key is also part of the MultipartFile.
    – Troley
    Nov 30 '19 at 0:04
  • @Chaimae Aklibous There are a couple or reasons that could happen in Spring-MVC your controller has to have fileID in Model class to know it can be used.
    – April_Nara
    Nov 30 '19 at 3:48

Well, could you show your request or the URL atleast?

  • I did add it now ! Nov 29 '19 at 23:11
  • Why does your request use api/upload when you mapped your method to api/uploadFile?
    – M.Dietz
    Nov 29 '19 at 23:15
  • api is defined in the project. Actually when required is set to false for fileId, things work fine. It receives the value of id but not fileId. Nov 29 '19 at 23:22

Your URL should be http://localhost:8080/api/uploadFile?id=9999&fileId=101 instead of http://localhost:8080/api/upload?id=9999&fileId=101 because you have mentioned path as uploadFile

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