I downloaded GLUI from https://github.com/libglui/glui, but I am not clear on how to get it to work on my Xcode. I read this step:

To include GLUI in your own apps, add the glui library to your makefile (before the glut library 'libglut.a'), and include "glui.h" in your sources.

  1. Where would I find my makefile since I am using Xcode?

  2. I was able to get #include to compile, but if I try GLUI *glui from the manual, I get "Unknown type name 'GLUI'". There is something on the front page: https://lukecyca.com/2008/glui-235-framework-for-mac-os-x.html where it mentions #include, but I don't know where I can get GLUI/glui.h.


After you build the lib, you'll have two directories lib and include which you have to move to your Xcode project. It'll look like this:

enter image description here

If Xcode does not see the includes nor links to the library, you'll have to add them to search paths (headers and libraries) like so:

enter image description here

NOTE: In order to use them in Obj-C you'll have to change file extension to .mm (obj-c++ file).

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