I'm trying to update Indy on my fresh Windows 10 / Delphi 2007 installation. I've download the sources from the official github mirror.

But when i try to compile IndySystem110.bpl, i get lot of errors :

[DCC Error] IdGlobal.pas(2926): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TCPInfoEx'
[DCC Error] IdGlobal.pas(2943): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'GetCPInfoEx'
[DCC Error] IdGlobal.pas(2957): E2066 Missing operator or semicolon
[DCC Error] IdGlobal.pas(2958): E2066 Missing operator or semicolon
[DCC Error] IdGlobal.pas(8471): E2280 Unterminated conditional directive

Maybe i download the wrong source ? What should i do ?


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    Perhaps, first two errors are raised because TCPInfoEx record is not declared in Windows.pas unit of your out of date Delphi. See this answer to how declare it for your Delphi version. What about another errors - they could be linked either with absence of TCPInfoEx or with unknown reasons. P.S. Seems it is good time to update Delphi.. – Dima Dec 1 at 16:58
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    The 1st 4 errors are related to each other. I was not aware that D2007 did not have GetCPInfoEx() defined. As for the opening conditional on line 8471, it is closed properly on line 8473. But I see an opening conditional on line 8481 that is not closed properly. I will fix these when I get a chance. I recently did a mass check-in for a lot of code that has been pending for a long time, and I'm finding a few errors made it through (that's what happens when I don't have access to a working compiler at the moment) – Remy Lebeau Dec 1 at 18:50
  • Thank you Remy ! I'll try to download next week then. – delphirules Dec 1 at 19:08
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    I have checked in fixes now – Remy Lebeau Dec 1 at 20:17

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