The method is called in the ready event. On the first call it works. When the modal is closed, I am destroying the cropper - cropper.destroy() . After opening the modal second time, the cropper is initialized again but this time cropper.getCroppedCanvas() returns null

let cropper = new Cropper(image, {
                dragMode: 'move',
                aspectRatio: ratio,
                restore: false,
                guides: false,
                center: false,
                highlight: false,
                cropBoxMovable: false,
                cropBoxResizable: false,
                toggleDragModeOnDblclick: false,
                ready: function () {

                    modal.find(".save").on("click", function () {
                        cropper.getCroppedCanvas().toBlob(function (blob) {
                            let formData = new FormData()
                            formData.append("croppedImage", blob)

                                method: "post",
                                url: "index.php?option=com_image_slideshows&task=slideshow.saveCroppedImage",
                                data: formData,
                                processData: false,
                                contentType: false
                            .done(function (response) {


On modal closing this happens:

modal.on("hidden.bs.modal", function () {
                jQuery("#cropper-modal .modal-body").html(
                    jQuery("<img>", {
                        id: "image",
                        "class": "cropper-hidden"


My guess would be that the cropper variable you set initially:

let cropper = new Cropper(...)

is still being referenced in your ready function the second time around. I would first try ensuring that the cropper variable is set to null after cropper.destroy() is called.

You could also try accessing the correct Cropper instance in your ready function by accessing this.cropper, for example:

ready: function () {
  modal.find(".save").on("click", function () {
  • Hi. It's properly destroyed. But this.cropper returns undefined. – Toma Tomov Dec 5 '19 at 0:01
  • Try accessing your cropper variable, but ensure you set cropper = null after you destroy it. I would need more info to help with this anymore though, a working example would be very helpful. – jmfolds Dec 12 '19 at 16:41

In your destroy function do you remove the .on event too?


After the cropper.destroy(); did you validate that it is really destroyed? maybe set in the variable cropper too null or undefined too after destroy.

So my 2 cents, It looks all correct so far I see.

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