I have couple questions about generating PWA App. Maybe at the first step I explain something about app for better understanding my problems with generating app for multiplatforms.

Multi Tenancy App

I can't say much more about application. This is application where users can create own account. Accounts is separated at servers, eg. app1, app2, app3 etc. Every server has his own domain, eg. app1.example.com etc. Every user can upgrade his account to premium type and define own domain, which can be go on and login to his account without using global domains (here is a problem with PWA app, multi domains). I think it is everything what you need to know, if you need more specific info, give me a feedback, I will try to help you. I need to use WebView because app need access to localStorage.

My problems

  1. Problem is with multi domains. In manifest.json configuration is possible to define one domain, which app will be use to display application and authorize it (with assetlinks.json) to don't display URL Bar (for "Add to Home Screen" - with android app is possible to add wildcard).
  2. I need possibility to use application with multi domains (I achieve it on android - explanation in the following part of post).
  3. Problem is too with adding application from mobile Chrome "Add to Home Screen" and on the desktop "Install app...". After redirect to other URL, URL Bar is shown.
  4. Next problem is to compile Windows Store app from Visual Studio (explanation in the following part of post).
  5. I need more info about compiling app for iOS and MacOS - is this possible to compile and test it without Apple devices? I tried to use pwabuilder.com, but after download MacOS package folder is empty. Maybe virtual machine could help me with that? What you recommend too use to make that application? I tested what I found in google, but it wasn't what I expect.

Installation from Chrome browser

Is possible to change user URL without showing URL Bar? Now after autorization user and redirect him on the properly his premium address url bar is showing - i don't want users to have to go on properly domain and install app from "Add to Home Screen" - they should install it from any domain and use it like Native App.


Partially solved problem with subdomains for every account. It's working properly, but maybe someone has any other authorization solution where I don't need custom subdomain for authorize app.

Windows Store

I installed Visual Studio, make new application with this documentation but I getting error

Error Project must have a reference to an application. Please add a reference under the 'Applications' node in the Solution Explorer.

Here is an issue - Maybe problem is with newest version of Visual Studio? Next question is, even if I compile the App, what with multi domain - URL Bar will be visible when user will be redirected? What if Chrome don't be installed?

iOS and MacOS

Maybe someone has good documentation how to create apps on this platform and where can I test it? What with multi domain? URL Bar will be shown? Is possible to make it invisible like an Android App eg. wildcard or other solution?

My questions

  1. How to create PWA app for iOS and MacOS. Maybe is nice documentation for it.
  2. How to build application for Windows Store. I made app with Microsoft documentation, but it doesn't work - problem was open on GitHub Issue, but without solution.
  3. Is possible to use multi domains and don't show URL Bar for applications installed from mobile Chrome like a "Add to Home" or desktop Chrome "Install app...".
  4. What if Chrome don't be installed on device? Application will be working properly? I know from android 8.1 is possible to remove chrome from android. I don't know if after remove Chrome application will be working?

Thanks everyone for help and your patience, I counting on much help from you.

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