For a python school project, i need to modelize a projet, which is close to be a "game of life".

We have to display a grid, with some creatures on it (they can move at each tick on the grid).

Moreover, i need to have a menu, allowing me to modify parameters of the game while it's running (change the speed of Monsters for exemple).

I tryed to use pygame to display the cells, but i can't figure out how to display all of this nicely.

Could you advice me on what graphical library you would use for that kind of project ? I already thinked about using Qt, could it be a solution ? Thanks for your help !

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    No matter what library you end up using, you'll need to "figure out how to display all of it nicely"... – AKX Dec 2 at 12:14
  • By nicely, i mean display the grid with maybe a zoom in/out function, and as i said another window to change speeds of monsters. Also i'd like to use the interface that fits the most with what i'm doing. – Nicolas DUVOISIN Dec 2 at 12:16
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    You can certainly do that with Pygame. Kivy might also be an option here. – AKX Dec 2 at 12:17
  • You can draw it to look "3d Like" simply by drawing a 3d-looking cube for each pixel, in something like an isometric projection (a simple way of 3d drawing). When drawing on-screen, draw the cubes at the back first, so the ones at the front properly occlude the ones "behind". – Kingsley Dec 2 at 21:31

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