Am currently developing an app that receives SMS (using a GSM modem) and take actions depending on that SMS.

For example i will send SMS that contains "ClYellow", the software will detect automatically that incoming SMS, read it and take action, the action will be changing the background color to "ClYellow".

How can i do that using the TComPort ?

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    At first learn how to read received data (in OnRxChar event handler) – MBo Dec 2 at 16:55
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    Welcome to StackOverflow. Have a look at writing the perfect question. – Jeroen Heier Dec 2 at 18:09
  • thanx @MBo, am familiar with such a thing, what next ? – JeSSica Dec 2 at 18:59
  • Is your question "How do I change the background color?" – LU RD Dec 2 at 19:25
  • @LURD my question is clear, it's about receiving SMS and reading it, how can i make my app detects automatically new incoming SMSes (when a new SMS received a notification pop up - that's an extra) and read the content of that SMS, reading that SMS i mean placing the content of it in a variable then use that content in other instructions - for example the variable will the contain "Clyellow" ( which is the content of the SMS ), and i will do form1.color := the variable - this is just an example, waiting for yout help. – JeSSica Dec 2 at 19:55

The answer to your question depends on the model of the phone you use. Let's assume that you successfully connected the phone to your COM port ans set up the port properly (the BAUD Rate, etc depend on the hardware you use, so nobody can give you better advice than the spec of the phone). The rule of thumb is that if you send the string AT to the device and it answers OK, you have successfully established a connection.

Now the next problem is to identify the list of AT commands that your phone supports. Unfortunately there were multiple standards and numerous extensions and exceptions from the standard. Try the AT+CMGL="ALL" command first.

Even more difficult to set up the connection to notify you of the new messages. This is a separate topic and even more depend on the phone model.

Hope that helps you to start googling the details.

  • thankx @dmitry-kuzminov but i think you didn't get my question, i already did all what you mentioned, the command AT+CMGL="ALL" is to get the SMSes already received on the phone - i said am using a GSM modem plugged in a USB port. The separate topic you talked about is what am searching for, i wish you can help. – JeSSica Dec 2 at 18:57
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    @JeSSica I would advise you to reword the question because it has a lot of unnecessary details. If you know how to set up the COM port in Delphi, if you have successfully read the messages, and the meaningful part of your question is just how to receive the notification, than don't abuse the question with those details. As for the notifications, have you tried the AT+CNMI? – Dmitry Kuzminov Dec 2 at 21:44
  • i know how to read messages already received but not new ones, i want to read the message just when its received, no i didn't try AT+CNMI, how can i use it ? – JeSSica Dec 3 at 13:24

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