I am using Jhipster to create a gateway, microservice and the angular front.

I create a jdl file wich contains my entities.

When I import the jdl file on the microservice application with

jhipster import-jdl fileName

It will generate the code perfectly.

Now I want to import the same jdl file on the front app to do the matching. I do the same command line and it generates the code but there is one problem wich related to the translation.

When I do change langage on the front view, the translation look for a specefic key on the json file : "nameOfMicroService.name of the entity.key " ex: genMsMircroOne.departement.created

The problem is that this key dosen't exist. The key presented on the file sampleaappfront/src/main/webapp/i18n/en/department.json is : "sampleaAppFrontApp.departement.created" :

  "sampleaAppFrontApp": {
    "department": {
      "home": {
        "title": "Departments",
        "createLabel": "Create a new Department",
        "createOrEditLabel": "Create or edit a Department",
        "notFound": "No Departments found"
      "created": "A new Department is created with identifier {{ param }}",
      "updated": "A Department is updated with identifier {{ param }}",
      "deleted": "A Department is deleted with identifier {{ param }}",
      "delete": {
        "question": "Are you sure you want to delete Department {{ id }}?"
      "detail": {
        "title": "Department"

The name of the application front is on the yr.json "sampleaAppFrontApp"

I think I generated the jdl file wrongly.

entity Region {
    regionName String

entity Country {
    countryName String

entity Location {
    streetAddress String,
    postalCode String,
    city String,
    stateProvince String

entity Department {
    departmentName String required

My Question is : how I do generate the entities with the perfect key on the json file of the translation

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