I created a project with vue-cli 4.1.1, and after running yarn serve, i got the following error

Error: [BABEL] C:\dev\vuestudy\src\main.js: Cannot find module './src/data' (While processing: "C:\\dev\\vuestudy\\node_modules\\@vue\\cli-plugin-babel\\preset.js")

Any tips on this?

Thanks in advance.


Kousha and Dave are right,after waiting for the core-js package update, I created a new project, and now it's working.

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    I have the same problem after upgrading npm packages today – Pippo46 Dec 2 at 18:44
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    I'm getting this as of today as well. – Jeff Dec 2 at 18:50
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    Same here with react app – Kousha Dec 2 at 18:58
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    same here with react app :fire – user2588667 Dec 2 at 19:03
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    Same here, with vue. This is what I get for trying out a hipster garbage fire – evandentremont Dec 2 at 19:06

It looks like there's been a bad build of npm package core-js-compat. This is a deep-down dependency of Babel. Lots of things will be affected, things that use Babel.

You will experience this problem if you have core-js-compat v.3.4.6. You can check this by doing npm list core-js-compat. The problem is apparently fixed by v.3.4.7, which was pushed out pretty quickly, about half-an-hour later, but unfortunately it takes a while to spread out through the repositories. You can either wait until an npm update gets you v.3.4.7 or you can go manually download v.3.4.7 if you want to get going right away.


This is a bug with core-js-compat v3.4.6, but already the fix has gone with v3.4.7. See https://github.com/zloirock/core-js/issues/712 for more detail.


You may be able to force install the not-broken version with

npm i core-js-compat@3.4.7 --save

It worked on my machine™


With Vue / Nuxt, you can delete package-lock.json and node_modules and do an npm install to fix this issue.

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