I am trying to create a Tetris game with Pygame that displays on an 8x32 LED Matrix using a RaspberryPi. I am very new to Pygame and RasberryPi functionality, so this is a very difficult project for me. I am confused about how I can control the LED's of the matrix connected to the RaspberryPi through the Python pygame and GPIO libraries? Every source I have found related to a button being added on a breadboard or an external device that controls the movements of the LED display.

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    This question is much too broad for us to answer. Break it down into specific technical problems and ask them one at a time. Do you know how to control the GPIO pins on your Pi at all? If not, solve that problem first. Do you know how to respond to keypresses using pygame? If not, solve that next...and so forth. In every case, show us the code you've written to try to solve the issue. – larsks Dec 2 at 19:41
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    Consider to use libgpiod. It has Python bindings. – 0andriy Dec 2 at 21:13
  • How are you controlling the LED matrix? Is there a data-sheet for it? Do you have your tetris clone already written? Is this problem really just one of mapping the PyGame display to the LED Matrix? – Kingsley Dec 2 at 21:28