I have an issue with pygame blit after compiling the game with py2exe and copy it onto an other PC. A certain blit is not happening at all and there is no error message. After compiling the game on the other PC it works correctly, comparing the two game directories (1st and 2nd compile) there are some differences, but copying all the files to the "bad" compiled version doesn't help. Besides, it works on some other PCs. Has anybody met with this kind of behaviour? What can be the root cause?

+info: Python 2.7, Pygame 1.9.6, the OSs are all Windows (10, 7). The blit would happen after google picture download. The download works correctly without error, there is no problem with the filenames or the path.

  • It's not a filename case issue? Works on Win32 but not Linux? Pygame/Python versions? You need to add more detail to the question if you want an answer. – Kingsley Dec 2 at 21:25

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