Quite new to h2o. I updated my h2o-R package to 3.26 and I also installed the h2o cluster one by running

  • java -jar h2o.jar'

After running both and the h2o flow was accessible on the browser, when I run h2o.init(), it's still telling me that my h2o cluster is at 3.24 and h2o-R package is at 3.26.

Do I need to remove a previous h2o.jar version? How would I go about doing that?

I have forced it to work by initializing h2o by having the strict version check be false but, I want both h2o and h2o-R to be on the same version.

Thanks a lot!


P.S. I have attached screenshots of the errors.

h2o.init() Error! enter image description here

.jar run 01 enter image description here

.jar run 02 enter image description here


The cluster information printed shows that it's connecting to an H2O cluster (version that was started 30 minutes ago (running at the default location, localhost:54321). You will need to shut that one down first (kill the java process from the command line or simply, h2o.shutdown().

You don't need to remove or uninstall anything, you just need to kill the active (old) cluster. After that, start from R using h2o.init() and it will use the updated version.

  • Hi @Erin LeDell, I just re-did h2o.shotdown() and re-run h2o.init() from the R Console and it's still using the old version. Is there a way I can check the updated version is installed? Thanks a lot! – Zarni Dec 2 at 21:14
  • Hi @Erin LeDell, I have resolved the issue. I asked my IT to uninstall my Java Run Time environment, re-install then, run the .jar for h2o and it works. Might have been permission issues since IT has administrative rights (Not sure though). Thanks a lot! – Zarni Dec 4 at 17:54
  • Hi @Erin LeDell, Turned out the issue props again after I restarted my AWS instance. I am not back to h2o version Do you think it's possibly a systems configuration level issue? Thanks, Zarni – Zarni Dec 4 at 21:21
  • 1
    @Zami If there's an older H2O cluster that's running, then you'll have to kill it (but I don't know why this would restart automatically after restarting your AWS instance)? – Erin LeDell Dec 6 at 23:32

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