I have used express to connect to the SQL database and search for specific users using the keyword. How do i display those results within an html page instead of as raw data.

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    There's a -lot- of ways to do this. You should at least provide the dataset you're expecting and maybe a basic webpage/HTML snippet where you want the results to show up – user1538301 Dec 2 at 20:24
  • A common way is to use ajax to fetch the data from that node endpoint and then display it in an element. – Shawn Yap Dec 2 at 20:27
  • You could create a document with the .php extension and put your HTML in there. Connect to the database at the top of the page, and store certain results in PHP variables. Then put <?php echo($variable); ?> wherever you want this result to appear. – Run_Script Dec 2 at 20:28