import requests
datalinks = requests.get('http://some website.com/list of download links/downloaded files')

After parsing URL I get groups of links:


Clicking each link automatically downloads a file.

What's the script to:

  1. download the file of every link to folder (e.g. C:\Users\user\downloaded files)

  2. download file of only one link from each group (e.g. only download link with &x=r in the name)

I think you somehow use the write function from request library which will download one file

datalinks = requests.get('http://some website.com/list of download links/downloaded files')

with open("C:\Users\user\downloaded files\file.filetype", 'wb') as f:

Do I loop that to write (download) multiple files to my folder?

Is it looping in Python? Do I use re.search somehow? Is it using scrapy somehow?

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