Im trying to implement a 3rd party grid (https://www.lidorsystems.com/support/articles/angular/grid/grid-component.aspx) and I am following the instructions in the README file. The first instruction is to copy/paste the '/bin/integralui folder' into the 'referencing folder'. Im not sure what the 'referencing folder' is that they are talking about. The only thing I can think of is the angular.json file but thats a file not a folder.


All projects have an associated working directory in which they execute. What the IntegralUI team is likely referring to by a "reference folder" is simply a directory that which you can reference via a standard path in your project.

I don't have any experience with Integral UI, but a quick glance at their documentation reveals instructions to create a directory under the assets folder and name that subfolder integralui

To include resources that are used by IntegralUI components in your project during build, you need to:

Under assets folder create a subfolder named integralui Copy/Paste the node_modules/integralui-web/bin/integralui/resources folder to it

Add the following code under assets section in angular.json file: "src/integralui/resources"

Note This is required because Angular compiler cannot detect resources that are outside the /src section of your app. It is needed if you are using resources that are part of IntegralUI Web, in your application.

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  • thats kind of what i thought. it started to make more and more sense taking a closer look at it. thanks! – Jonathan-tho Dec 2 '19 at 21:27

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