My directory structure

I have a React app wherein I pass a relative image URL into a component as a prop...

<TechListItem imgSrc="../assets/images/javascript.png" itemName="JavaScript" />

And the prop is fed into the src attribute...

const TechListItem = (props) => {
return (
    <ListGroup.Item className="listItem">
        <img className="listImage" src={ props.imgSrc } alt={ props.itemName }/>
        <p className="itemName">{ props.itemName }</p>

I've tested out other instances of the same component with absolute paths from other sources...

<TechListItem imgSrc="https://via.placeholder.com/75" itemName="React" />

And they work just fine.

I've inspected the would-be image in my page and tried opening the image address (http://localhost:3000/assets/images/javascript.png) in Chrome, but nothing shows up. When I look in the network tab, it says the response code for the image is 304. I've tried emptying and hard-reloading after disabling the cache from dev tools. This gets me a 200 response, but the image still doesn't show up, either in my page or when I open the image in a new tab. Really not sure where to go from here.


Such path does not exist in runtime, perhaps you should try one of the next approaches:

// import
import ImgSrc from '../assets/images/javascript.png';
<TechListItem imgSrc={ImgSrc}/>

// or require
<TechListItem imgSrc={require('../assets/images/javascript.png')}/>
  • Thank you! The import solution worked for me. So importing it from the source at which I'm passing it in makes the image available at run-time but the way I had it set up doesn't? – user9777330 Dec 2 '19 at 21:16
  • True, exactly as you said. – Dennis Vash Dec 2 '19 at 21:17

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