My problem is: The production system was update to a new version. The production sidekiq was not. Due to that, no jobs were processed during this time. After the production sidekiq was update, all upcoming jobs were beeing processed normally. However, all the previous jobs were not.

When I test this case in my local machine everything that was enqueued starting running after the update of the sidekiq.

Below is the information that I got from production:

stats = Sidekiq::Stats.new
<Sidekiq::Stats:0x000055b2b27fb8f8 @stats={:processed=>59866, :failed=>58003, :scheduled_size=>0, :retry_size=>0, :dead_size=>9999, :processes_size=>1, :default_queue_latency=>0, :workers_size=>0, :enqueued=>0}> 



Sidekiq::Status::failed? "2f4a2ba7dea9d42baaac968c"

data = Sidekiq::Status::get_all "2f4a2ba7dea9d42baaac968c"
{"status"=>"queued", "update_time"=>"1573162224", "worker"=>"WebhookWorker", "args"=>"[{\"event\":\"UPDATE\"}]", "jid"=>"2f4a2ba7dea9d42baaac968c"}

As you can see in the stats, there is no job enqueued. However, when I am getting the status of a specific job it is bringing :queued.

So, I wonder why it is brigging queued when there is none in the Sidekiq stats? And if it is really enqueued why it is not beeing processed?

In the end, I think it is a sideki-status bug.

Ps. The job queue name is correct.

  • I tried to put my worker with retry: false, before it was retry: 0. But even now, it is still bringing queue status for my failed jobs. I tried this based on the documentation: The Dead set is a holding pen for jobs which have failed all their retries. Sidekiq will not retry those jobs, you must manually retry them via the UI.The Dead set is limited by default to 10,000 jobs or 6 months so it doesn't grow infinitely.Only jobs configured with 0 or greater retries will go to the Dead set. Use retry:false if you want a particular type of job to be executed only once, no matter what happens – Rafael Lobo Dec 4 '19 at 20:35

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