I have this code in the didAddNode after an image is recognized. The images are displaying on top of each other in an X pattern. I need them to be one next to the other. I have tried the SCNNode x, y, and z but the image is not moving within the middle point. I have done the anchor to be the reference image before but that also did not get me to the goal. I tried the SCNVector3(0,0,-0.2) the image disappears off the screen

  //IMAGE 1
let plane = SCNPlane(width: 0.01 ,height: 0.01)
            if let cgImage = ImageUse!.cgImage {
                plane.firstMaterial?.diffuse.contents = cgImage
let overlayNode = SCNNode.init(geometry: plane)
                      overlayNode.eulerAngles.x = -Float.pi / 2

let plane2 = SCNPlane(width: 0.01,height: 0.01)

if let cgImage = ImageUse2!.cgImage {
              plane2.firstMaterial?.diffuse.contents = cgImage

let overlayNode2 = SCNNode.init(geometry: plane2)
            overlayNode2.eulerAngles.x = -Float.pi / 4

Here what is showing up:

enter image description here

This is my goal:

enter image description here

  • For future readers and better readability, please add your solution in an answer. – koen Dec 3 '19 at 16:24

I got the image node to be placed on how I need it. I had to play around with overlayNode2.position = SCNVector3(-0.01, -0.01, -0.01) overlayNode2.eulerAngles.x = -Float.pi / 2

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