Please forgive my ignorance here; I'll try to include as much detail as possible.

I wrote a dotnet core MVC website... I now find the need to access a nuget package written in net 4.6.1 otherwise I have to write a service layer to with all the CRUD operations myself.

Question: Is it possible to write a service layer that will do the work in net4.6.1 and return back JSON's to the dotnet core MVC website without writing a REST API?

I just need to be able to call a stand alone project and have it do the work and return the results.

Any ideas or direction would be helpful.

  • There are tons of libraries for .NET Core doing similar things, so I doubt why you want to stick to a .NET Framework only library. Besides, there should be .NET Core compatible beta already, kentico.com/product/roadmap – Lex Li Dec 3 at 3:09

If this is related to Kentico, Kentico 12 does not support .Net Core, but Kentico 2020 will. You are a little ahead of the game i'm afraid : /

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