I am trying to enable https for keycloak in a Jhipster-generated project. In Jhipster doc (https://www.jhipster.tech/security/), it says "In production, it is required by Keycloak that you use HTTPS. There are several ways to achieve this, including using a reverse proxy or load balancer that will manage HTTPS. We recommend that you read the Keycloak HTTPS documentation to learn more about this topic." And in the Keycloak doc, there are step that is "First, you must edit the standalone.xml, standalone-ha.xml, or host.xml file".

Sounds reasonable, right? But, if installing and running Keycloak server on mac, the configuration file is in /opt/jboss/keycloark..., but when running this keycloak within the jhipster-generated project (using the nice and easy command 'docker-compose -f src/main/docker/keycloak.yml up'), I find that there is no such folder /opt/jboss/... Either I did something wrong, or it was in some other space like Docker container, or Jhipter container, or somewhere else. So the question is, how should we enable https on this Keycloak shipped with the Jhipster generated project?

Would appreciate it very much for any help from the community. Thanks!


Expose https port 8443 of your Keycloak container and you will have selfsigned https, e.g.:

        - 443:8443

+ use volumes if you have own TLS certificate, e.g.:

        - /path/my-cert.crt:/etc/x509/https/tls.crt
        - /path/my-cert.key:/etc/x509/https/tls.key

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