I have a gallery photo app with two sections. A "Gallery" section and a "Selections" section. Each photo in the gallery section has an Add To Cart button. When pressed that particular photo gets added to the selections section with several options to choose from, each option has an input box for a Quantity (visual representation below).

My problem is when I type the quantity (with each type), the app repaints, moves to the top of the page and loses focus on that particular input.

See this gif to see what I'm talking about


Below is the component (Excluding imports and unrelevant code).

When Add to Cart is pressed handleAddSelection is called and results in adding a photo object to selectedPhotos array state with the following format, then I display this under the Selections section.

  "path": "/client-photos/8/Esau Silva-3678-ytht6745.jpg",
  "label": "ytht6745.jpg",
  "packages": [
      "optionID": 9,
      "description": "1-11x14",
      "price": 25,
      "type": "Individual Sheets",
      "quantity": 0
      "optionID": 8,
      "description": "1-16x10",
      "price": 35,
      "type": "Individual Sheets",
      "quantity": 0

When I type a number in one of the input boxes for each package option, I call handleUpdateSelection.

import produce from 'immer';

const ClientPhotos = () => {
  const [client, setClient] = useState({});
  const [isLoading, setIsLoading] = useState(false);
  const [isError, setIsError] = useState(false);
  const [selectedPhotos, setSelectedPhotos] = useState([]);
  const { slug } = useParams();

  useEffect(() => {
        // Load photos
    const fetchClient = async () => {
  }, [slug]);

  const handleAddSelection = photo => {
    const packages = client.packageOptions.map(p => ({
      quantity: 0,
    const photoObject = {

    setSelectedPhotos([...selectedPhotos, photoObject]);

  const handleRemoveSelection = (e, photoLabel) => { ... };

  const handleUpdateSelection = (e, option, selectionIndex, packageIndex) => {
    const quantity = e.target.value;
    const { optionID } = option;

    // Get the specific photo from the state array
    const selection = selectedPhotos[selectionIndex];

    // Now update the quantity for the specific package in the selected photo
    const nextState = produce(selection, draft => {
      draft.packages[packageIndex].quantity = quantity;

    // Finally update the app state array
      produce(selectedPhotos, draft => {
        draft[selectionIndex] = nextState;

  const Render = () => {
    return (
      <div className="container container-extended">
        <h1>{client.name} Photos</h1>
        <PackageOptions />

  const PackageOptions = () => {
    return (
      <section className="packages-content">
        {selectedPhotos.map(({ label, packages }, selectionIndex) => (
          <Fragment key={label}>
            <div className="row">
              <div className="col-md-3">
                <p className="photo-label d-flex justify-content-between">
                    title="Delete Selection"
                    onClick={e => handleRemoveSelection(e, label)}
                    <i className="fas fa-trash-alt"></i>
              <div className="col">
                <Table borderless hover responsive>
                      <th>Package Options</th>
                    {packages.map((p, packageIndex) => (
                      <tr key={p.optionID}>
                            onChange={e =>
            <hr />

  return (
      {isError && <Alert color={alertTypes.Danger}>Something went wrong</Alert>}
      {isLoading ? <Spinner /> : <Render />}

const processLabel = photo => { ... };
const processData = data => { ... };

Then after each type in quantity input the whole page re-renders, losing focus on the input and moving to the top of the page.

Can someone point me in the right direction on fixing this? I don't want the whole page to re-render and not lose focus on the particular input.


  • It may have to do with calling setSelectedPhotos at the end of handleUpdateSelection. I'm not familiar with produce, so I'm not sure what it does. Maybe React is stuck in setting that into the selectedPhotos state. Have you tried first storing the result of produce in a variable and set that instead of the function call? – LuudJacobs Dec 2 at 23:36
  • @LuudJacobs Yes, I have tried to assign the result of produce to a variable and setting that, but is still the same. produce is immer (immerjs.github.io/immer/docs/introduction), basically takes an object and produces a new object with your changes – esausilva Dec 2 at 23:59
  • try removing the slug dependecy in useEffect and replace with [] useEffect(() => { ... }, []); – Samuel G Dec 6 at 1:44

For future reference

I was able to solve my issue by switching to a class component. Something with hooks and my state data structure wasn't cooperating, I suppose.

I suspect is because useState replaces the entire particular state and that was causing the entire page to re-render. As opposed to this.setState which merges the state.

Now the only thing re-rendering is the input 👍

  • try removing the slug dependecy in useEffect and replace with [] useEffect(() => { ... }, []); – Samuel G Dec 6 at 1:44
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried that but still the same issue. Besides React was complaining about a missing dependency in the useEffect dependency list – esausilva Dec 6 at 2:20

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