if I read in the csv file using this code :

    df = pd.read_csv('amazon2.csv'
                 , names=["year","state","month","number","date"]
                 , index_col = ['month']
                 , usecols=["year","state","number"]
                 , encoding = "ISO-8859-1")

would raise valueError:

raise ValueError("Index {col} invalid".format(col=col))

ValueError: Index month invalid

But would not raise error if either usecols or index_col is commented out Thanks in advance! the database looks like this : amazon2.csv

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    It might be that you need to allow duplicates in your index. By default, an index would only have unique values I believe. – mgrollins Dec 3 at 1:08
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    I agree with @mgrollins that the index is the most likely source of the problem. Parse it without designating that column as the index, and then sort things out in Pandas. – Alexander Cécile Dec 3 at 1:24

The error source is caused by that the index column name "month" is not included in the columns list :usecols.



          year  state  number      date
Janeiro   1998   Acre       0  1998/1/1
Janeiro1  1998   Acre       1  1998/1/1
Janeiro1  1999  Acre2       2  1999/1/1
Janeiro2  2000   Acre       3  2000/1/1
Janeiro2  2000  Acre1       4  2000/1/1

But I agree that there should be no duplicated values in the index col.

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