first,i will httpRequest to url and get some data.

    "data": {
        "user": {
            "name": "john",
            "other": [{
                "a": 1,
                "b": 3

I want to determine if this array(other) is null,so i will

if(data!=null && data.user!=null && data.user.other!=null && data.user.other.length>0)

I find it tedious and cumbersome to write a lot of useless code. Is there an easy way? in c# i will :


How do I write it using typescript?


If you're on typescript 3.7 or higher, you can use optional chaining, very similar to what you're used to in c#. (Optional chaining will eventually be in plain javascript as well):

if (data?.user?.other?.length > 0) {

If any step along data?.user?.other?.length is null or undefined, then this code is shortcircuited and resolves to undefined. And then undefined > 0 will result in false.

  • if version<3.7,how can i do? – user4455960 Dec 3 at 1:55
  • 1
    Before 3.7 you'll use the tedious and combersome way you mentioned. Or perhaps use a utility library which simplifies it, such as ramda's path function, though those functions usually can't enforce types. – Nicholas Tower Dec 3 at 1:55

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