I've started a job that uses ElasticSearch alongside a SQL database for it's Spring back-end. I've used SQL before for a number of things, but I've never used any other type of DB or tool for storage and searching. Everything I've built just queries the SQL DB and sends that data back. I'm trying to understand the basics of ElasticSearch and what I don't understand is how exactly it interacts with the SQL database or why you would even have a SQL DB also.

Roughly, it seems that data comes in, and they get indexed in ElasticSearch, which is then available for search via a REST API. It's all stored as JSON documents, which sounds a lot like what I've read about MongoDB. I know that it's used for quick searching, which is why it's popular.

But how does ElasticSearch store things permanently? Why is a SQL DB needed? Does ElasticSearch load up the Shards from the SQL database during launch? Or does it write to the SQL database as data comes in as permanent storage? Is the SQL DB just used as a backup? Maybe the redundancy is just a choice the original designer made, and not something typical, I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help or insight you can give me.

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