I have a couple of tables with special names that I imported through a SQL file (this is required, it's for school, all tables must have our initials before the actual table name), I have seen that most of the tables through Laravel are created with a migration, I want to use Eloquent for the CRUD but I don't want to use migrations, what's the approach for it? what should I investigate to make this? I'm a bit confused.

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    investigate to make what? – lagbox Dec 3 at 1:46

In laravel migrations need for make your databse easly. If you already make database you can use Eloquent model like this


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class School extends Model
     * The table associated with the model.
     * @var string
    protected $table = 'school';


  • if i want to make for example an insert using eloquent do i have to declare fillables with the same names as my columns? like: protected $fillable = ['my1', 'my2']; – pinkWojak Dec 3 at 2:03
  • if you want to use create() or update() method then yes – Davit Dec 3 at 2:08
  • other case you can use $model = new Model(); $model->my1 = 'val1'; $model->my2 = 'val2'; $model->save(); – Davit Dec 3 at 2:09

Inside your model you can define the table for that model. for example if you have a table named a_school, in the A_SchoolModel.php you can define the table as below.

protected $table = 'a_school';

Also if the database engine for app is InnoDB, go to config->database and set mysql => [ 'engine' => 'innoDB',]

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