I have a bigquery table that has a date field as string. Exploring this table and creating time series reports work fine. But when I create a community connector using the "Data Studio Advanced Services" (that is, I just return the sql in getData and data studio executes it), I get an error like "Invalid timestamp: '2019--0-8-15'". Likely the table has some data corruption issues that needs to be fixed. However, for my purpose I am trying to figure out a way to exclude those or not throw error in the connector similar to the behavior of directly accessing the table. Is there a way to filter out? I tried regexp_contains in the where clause but that still got the error.

Update: I thought there is data corruption but all date strings are in correct format. In fact, displaying the data by date either in table or bar chart is working fine. Only the time series charts are throwing the "Invalid timestamp" error. What's not clear is, I use FieldType YEAR_MONTH_DAY and it's unclear how this maps to DATE vs TIMESTAMP on the big query side.

  • In Advanced Services, are you passing any date parameters along with the SQL string? – Minhaz Kazi Dec 3 at 19:44
  • Not passing any dates. I also found that the data has no invalid dates. Please see my update above. The issue is only happening for timeseries charts. – Siva Dec 4 at 7:23
  • yeah i was also facing a similar issue in datetime parsing when datetime is all correct. i think there is some bug of google-data-studio side. i even tried parsing using calculated field but that didn't worked either. – ARK4579 2 days ago

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