I'm using Spring Data JPA, and I have to intercept all of the entity event.
Unfortunately, I can't use entity listener like @PreUpdate, @PostLoad.
So I'm trying to write AOP.
Everything is okay, but intercepting update is problem.
There is no update method in JPA as you know.

So I was exploring hibernate code, and I've found pretty good PointCut named CallbackRegistry in hibernate library.
So I did like this:

@Pointcut("execution(public * org.hibernate.jpa.event.spi.jpa.CallbackRegistry+.pre*(..))")
public void callback() { }

But as you know, in Spring AOP, it doesn't work.
Because CallbackRegistry is not Spring bean.
So I'm trying to AspectJ, but I don't know how can I do.

Is this right approach? And.. if I'm right, can you let me know how can I do?

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    why can't you use proper event listeners? What you are trying to do sounds really brittle and hacky. – Jens Schauder Dec 3 at 6:27
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    If you want to use AOP on non-Spring managed beans then investigate using AspectJ. baeldung.com/spring-aop-vs-aspectj – Alan Hay Dec 3 at 11:54

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