I'm trying to create new x509Certificate using Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.Store assembly:

string CAsubject = certSubject;
CX500DistinguishedName distinguishedName = new CX500DistinguishedName();

distinguishedName.Encode("CN=" + CAsubject, X500NameFlags.XCN_CERT_NAME_STR_NONE);

string strRfc822Name = certSubject;

CAlternativeName objRfc822Name = new CAlternativeName();
CAlternativeNames objAlternativeNames = new CAlternativeNames();
CX509ExtensionAlternativeNames objExtensionAlternativeNames = new CX509ExtensionAlternativeNames();

// Set Alternative RFC822 Name 
objRfc822Name.InitializeFromString(AlternativeNameType.XCN_CERT_ALT_NAME_DNS_NAME, strRfc822Name);

// Set Alternative Names 

Last row throws `System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range. Why does the method throws this exception?

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