After the latest update of PHP Intelephense that I get today, the intelephense keep showing an error for an undefined symbol for my route (and other class too), there is no error like this before and it's bothering me.

Here is the error screenshot :

enter image description here

And this is my code :

Route::group(['prefix' => 'user', 'namespace' => 'Membership', 'name' => 'user.'], function () {
    Route::get('profile', 'ProfileController@show')->name('profile.show');
    Route::patch('profile', 'ProfileController@update')->name('profile.update');
    Route::patch('change-password', 'ChangePasswordController@change')->name('change-password');
    Route::get('role', 'ProfileController@getRole')->name('profile.role');
    Route::get('summary', 'SummaryController@show')->name('summary');
    Route::get('reserved', 'AuctionController@reservedAuction')->name('reserved');

Actually there's no error in this code but the intelephense keeps showing an error so is there a way to fix this?

  • "Intelephense"? Wow, that sounds too clever for its own good. :) – Onorio Catenacci 2 days ago

Version 1.3.0 has flaw IMO.
Downgrade to version 1.2.3 fixes my problem.

I'm on

  • Laravel 5.1
  • PHP 5.6.40

Downgrade to Version 1.2.3

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    Yeah, I think this is the best answer, the problem is the new version – Adrian Edy Pratama Dec 3 at 8:06
  • Yes! I had exactly this same problem, which started one hour ago as Intelephense got updated to 1.3.0 - downgrading to 1.2.3 fixed it. – leo Dec 3 at 14:26
  • Fixed for me, what a way to start the day figuring what happened. – S_W Dec 3 at 16:25
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    Same for me. I am working on a project in PHP 5.3.3. Once 1.3 was installed errors everywhere. Setting PHP version to 5.3.3 in the Intelephense extension setting ("intelephense.environment.phpVersion": "5.3.3") didnt do anything. Reverting back to 1.2.3 fixed it. – Ben Dec 3 at 23:33

1.3.1 fixed it.

Just update your extension and you should be good to go

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    I'm already on v1.3.1 but the error keeps showing. – ultrasamad 2 days ago
  • Me too, is there a fix or should we downgrade? – tonix 2 days ago
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    For me it doesn't solves anything. Going back to 1.2.3 goes fine! – Carlos Mora 2 days ago
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    1.3.1 still has this problem for me. 1.2.3 fixed it – NULL pointer 2 days ago
  • i'm on 1.3.2 and the error is a pain. – user3532758 11 hours ago

You don't need to downgrade you can:

Either disable undefined symbol diagnostics in the settings -- "intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedSymbols": false .

Or use an ide helper that adds stubs for laravel facades. See https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper

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    IDE Helper does solve the problems with Route closure or other closures, but you will run across other errors while using eloquent scopes etc. – Miloslav Milo Janoušek Dec 3 at 13:17
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    So to solve an issue we need to loose true diagnostics. No way Josei! – Carlos Mora 2 days ago
  • I installed IDE Helper and generated the file as per instructions.. this is on a Laravel project. It appeared to change nothing and still had undefined symbols all over the place. So I downgraded to 1.2.3 – vesperknight yesterday

No, the errors occurs only after the Intelephense extension is automatically updated.

To solve the problem, you can downgrade it to the previous version by click "Install another version" in the Intelephense extension. There are no errors on version 1.2.3.

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  • Downgrading to 1.2.3 solved the problem. – Julitillo Dec 3 at 11:52
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;

i'm just import this and warning disappear for me.

  • Larvel 6+
  • vscode version 1.40.2
  • php intelephense 1.3.1
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This is really a set of configurations for your editor to understand Laravel.

If you want to configure it all manually, here is the repo. This is for both VS code and PhpStorm.

Or if you want you can download this package.(I created) recommended to install it globally.

And then just run andylaravel setupIDE. this will configure everything for you according to the fist repo.


This solution may help you if you know your problems are limited to Facades and you are running Laravel 5.5 or above.

Install laravel-ide-helper

composer require --dev barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper

Add this conditional statement in your AppServiceProvider to register the helper class.

public function register()
    if ($this->app->environment() !== 'production') {
    // ...

Then run php artisan ide-helper:generate to generate a file to help the IDE understand Facades. You will need to restart Visual Studio Code.




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    The probelm with this is you get duplicated definitions – Carlos Mora 2 days ago

Problem solved in version 1.3.2

No needs for downgrade.

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    I'm on 1.3.2, I still get the error. – user3532758 11 hours ago

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