In my application somehow my state is destroyed when a component is rendered, so I placed the state outside the class and I change every setState to my own defined method that change the state.

Here is my code

let theState = {//the state properties}
class Foo extends Component{
  //the method is used to change the state, and setState to trigger rendering
        theState = {...theState,...data}
        console.log('sate update',{theState})

this is ok, but the problem is when we are talking about reusability, I don't want to write the updateState method on every component, is there any better solution for this?

  • use function based react component which as the useEffect. where it is easy to handle this scenario – kiran Dec 3 at 4:34
  • you can re-use state login using hooks, check this link egghead.io/courses/reusable-state-and-effects-with-react-hooks – S4beR Dec 3 at 5:18
  • Can you post more of the code so we can try and diagnose why the state is disappearing? You shouldn't have to manually back-up state like this. – Tim Dec 3 at 5:51
  • @Tim i'm working with a team, so one of my team member changed the codabase from component based to react hooks based, and i dont want to refactor almost all of my code using functional component – Matius Nugroho Aryanto Dec 3 at 6:23

To use state in a class based component you need to use a constructor and then use this.state = {}. You then can update the state by calling this.setState({}) in your component. As an example:

class Something extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {foo: "thing"};

Alternatively, if you are using React ^16 you can use a functional component and React hooks. In this case your code would look something like:

const Foo = () -> {
  const [data, setdata] = React.useState()

  const updateState = (update) => {
    setData({...data, ...update}) //assuming it is an update or
    setData({update}) //assuming you want to replace the values


State is only applicable at local (component) level unless you introduce an application state manager like Redux.

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