I tired cloning a linux server disk using the below command

dd if=/dev/sda | ssh root@ip "dd of=/dev/sdc status=progress"

After that completed, I created a vm from same volume in Azure but the same failed to load. Also tried mounting the /dev/sdc volume but it kept on saying that the device was busy. Is there anything that I should do post the command to spin up a running instance from the volume.

  • I want to migrate a linux server [ along with volume, data ] to a new server. dd seems to help create partitions exactly as in source but could not get it working. Or is there an alternate command or open source tool to achieve the same ? – ALPHY GEORGE Dec 3 at 6:22
  • have you tried create a new server by disk snapshot ? This doc maybe helpful : petri.com/copy-azure-vm-using-managed-disk-snapshots – Stanley Gong Dec 3 at 6:33

According to my research, we can copy Azure Linux VM with Azure CLI command. For more details, please refer to the document.

# copy vm
az vm deallocate \
    --resource-group <group name> \
    --name <vm name>
disk=$(az vm show -g <group name> -n  <vm name> --query [storageProfile.osDisk.name]  -o tsv)
az disk create --resource-group <group name> \
     --name myCopiedDisk --source $disk

#create Vm
az vm create --resource-group <group name> \
    --name myCopiedVM --nics myNic \
    --size Standard_DS1_v2 --os-type Linux \
    --attach-os-disk myCopiedDisk
  • I am trying to migrate on-premise to Azure. The command you provided seems to be for copying the vm within Azure – ALPHY GEORGE Dec 3 at 9:15
  • @ALPHYGEORGE As far as I knew, we can use Azure Site Recovery or Azure Migrate service to migrate on-premise VM to Azure. For more details, please refer to azure.microsoft.com/en-us/migration/linux – Jim Xu Dec 3 at 9:36
  • yes i read about those but what if I am trying to create a tool. Can dd command be used ? I did copy the volume over to azure, created a vm from the disk there but seems I am getting an error related to dracut at destination one booted. – ALPHY GEORGE Dec 3 at 9:40
  • @ALPHYGEORGE if you do that, you need to create VHD file and upload it to Azure. Then you can use it to create disk and VM. – Jim Xu Dec 3 at 9:45
  • how about partitions in source server ? – ALPHY GEORGE Dec 3 at 10:12

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