I'm unsure if this is a bug with Kotlin or Spring & Jackson frameworks/libraries, but kotlin classes fail to deserialize from RestTemplate responses - when and only when they have a constructor which happens to have a parameter that aren't declared as a field while being type Enum.


class Foo(
    tempVar: Long? = null
) {
    var id: Long

deserializes normally while below doesn't work.

class Bar(
    tempVar: SomeEnum? = null
) {
    var id: Long

A simple scenario:

class SampleController (
    private val restTemplate: RestTemplate
) {
    // this works
    fun foo(foo: Foo) = foo

    // this works
    fun bar(bar: Bar) = bar

    // this works
    fun fooTwo() = restTemplate.postForObject("http://localhost:8080/api", mapOf<String, String>(), Foo::class.java)

    // This fails.
    fun barTwo() = restTemplate.postForObject("http://localhost:8080/api", mapOf<String, String>(), Bar::class.java)

    fun api() = Bar().apply { // notice how Bar actually has a valid NoArg constructor
        id = 1

When you call /bar2, you get a wonderful error like HttpMessageNotReadableException: JSON parse error: Cannot deserialize value of type 'SomeEnum' although tempVar isn't even a field, and it has a default value supplied, and Jackson should be using the NoArgs constructor and then using setters to set the values in the first place.

Am I missing something here? Or should I post this as a bug report to Spring or JetBrains?

sample repository illustrating the issue: https://github.com/gyuhyeon/KotlinSerializationIssueDemo

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