First I have a bit of confusion between Web Push and FCM.

Can we implement Web Push without FCM or any other Cloud messaging service?

If so what is the difference between Web Push and FCM?

And is there any other Cloud messaging service similar to FCM.

  • FCM is just google's implementation of push notifications (not only webpush, but mobile apps also). There are many other providers, such as onesignal.com. Apple has its own kindof web push system. You can't actually use FCM in Safari, and when you use it in mobile apps, those messages go through Apple Push Notification Services
    – ffflabs
    Dec 3, 2019 at 5:36

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Web Push is a browser technology based on Notifications API.

Firebase Cloud Messaging is a cross-platform messaging system. It works with Web Push, Android and iOS. It also uses Notifications API to show push messages in browser.

So if you want to use push notifications only in browser there is no difference in how they work, but FCM is easier to setup.


Web Push is the technology. The term "web push" indicates a set of standards and related technologies, including the W3C Push API, the WebPush protocol, Notifications API, etc.

FCM is two different things:

  • the official browser push service for Chrome (all notifications for Chrome are delivered through FCM servers)
  • it is also a commercial push service that can send notifications to different browsers, like Pushpad, OneSignal and many others.

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