How can I achieve to show detailed page from a search function??

for example I have the data from the API call to be rendered in a list, but then I would like to hit the "more" link and show a detailed page of the selected list

example link: https://master.d1y6j5rvhgf8yj.amplifyapp.com/ with the initial data it works, but after I search it still direct to initial data

const findArticlesQuery = (query) => {
  .then(res => {                
   [res.data].map((val) =>(        
   }).catch(error => {

 () =>{
  } ,[]

and then I have the article List but not sure how to create a detailed page,

<ArticleListItem articlesData={articleData}/> 

const articleDataItem = articlesData.map((value, idx)=> (   
  <li key={idx} className="collection-item">
    <a href={`/article/${idx}`}>More</a>     <--- I want to use this button to show detailed info            

I can achieve this with router and matching params but only with the initial data, If I use the search function and the articlesData is updated, the link would still get the initial data and not the searched

I also must say that I have the useEffect on the App component which reset the data when I go to another page

  • You can create another api to fetch detail data for that id. You can call this api in componentDidmount or getInitialState. – akshaypjoshi Dec 3 at 5:46
  • In your articleDataItem, do you have any relation with map idx with your articlesData? your more btn redirect user to /article/${idx}. I think there should some relation between these idx and data. Otherwise /article/${idx} this will be same each time no matetter data is same or not. And same is happening in your case – Harish Dec 3 at 5:49
  • @akshaypjoshi the problem is that, the data from the API, does not have a unique ID, but I get your point, maybe I can make another api call with the selected value! – JSMITH Dec 3 at 6:01
  • maybe I should save the searched data in the localStorage and use it in the detail component to display , what do you guys think about this approach? – JSMITH Dec 3 at 6:14

In detail page, you shouldn't use index of list for show detail.

You should use a unique attribute of the data to display details. example: data: [{code: 'abc', title: '...'}, {code: '', title: ''}...]

const articleDataItem = articlesData.map((value, idx)=> (   
  <li key={value.code} className="collection-item">
    <a href={`/article/${value.code}`}>More</a>     <--- I want to use this button to show detailed info            

In detail page, Search by received code value

  • the problem is that when I get into the detail page, the articleData is reset to the initial data, so my searched data is lost when I access the detail component – JSMITH Dec 3 at 5:57
  • so initially it works perfect, when I search the list is updated perfect, but when I click on "more" after searching, the data is reset, so I get a detail page from the initial data, NOT the searched data :( – JSMITH Dec 3 at 5:58
  • how is the structure between your components? Where do you put the component detail? – san Dec 3 at 6:05
  • Hello @san, I have the App component with useEffect for the initial API call, then I have to components the ArticleListItem and the Article components <ArticleListItem articlesData={articleData}/> <Route path="/article/:id" render={() => <Article articlesData={articleData}/>} /> – JSMITH Dec 3 at 6:08
  • with the ID params in the URL I get the app to work great with the initial data, when it search its also doing good but when I click the more button, the data or state is reset to the initial call, – JSMITH Dec 3 at 6:09

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