I have a Modal.Header with a closeButton (which is white by default) and I want to change its color to black.

The code for the component is:

const inlineStyles = {
      header: {
        padding: '18px',
        margin: 0,
        backgroundColor: '#F2F3F4',

<Modal.Header style={inlineStyles.header} closeButton >

The HTML of the rendered X-button looks like: <button type="button" aria-label="Close" class="close237497"></button>

I want to make the circled X button on the right "black"

  • you can pass the props – its4zahoor Dec 3 at 6:14

Use the style prop in your Modal.Header to set style in button like this

<button type="button" aria-label="Close" style={this.props.style}></button>
  • I am not sure how to achieve that through my code. But, I did try editing the rendered HTML <button type="button" class="close _3DvpxcY5HLBjkdHQNUwI2m" aria-label="Close" style="color:black"></button> But, no luck! – vv1129 Dec 3 at 6:37
  • you need color:black !important, since class=close_etc will also have color property. – its4zahoor Dec 3 at 7:53

Follow with this file of React-Bootstrap. When you pass a closeButton prop into ModalHeader, the button will has class is close.

So, you can override that class like this:

// create a file to override CSS bootstrap (override.css)
// override style of closeButton ModalHeader
.close {
   color: #fc0303 !important // red
   // orther style
import ModalHeader from 'react-bootstrap/ModalHeader';
import "./override.css";

// use ModalHeader
<ModalHeader closeButton />
  • My code is in a .js file, so I placed the override code in a separate .css file. It did not work. Am I missing out anything? – vv1129 Dec 3 at 7:30
  • @vv1129 I edited my answer. You can see again. – judonguyen Dec 3 at 7:46
  • No luck yet! The exact structure is `<div class = modal-header> ::before <button class = "close-wdwewdddgtht" > – vv1129 2 days ago

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