I'm trying to compare two variables based on their actual values but it's just not working and I think it's because they are from different classes.
Here's an example :

models = Model_info.objects.all()
m = 'X-POWER 3'
for model in models:
    if m == model:
        check = 'accepted'
        check = 'rejected'
print(f'final resulte is {check}')

So Knowing that the value of variable m does exist in the queryset models and :

type(m) = < class 'str' >

type(model) = < class 'application.models.Model_info' >

is there any method to compare the value of two variables no matter what class they belong to.

  • u need to check m == model.field_name with which u need to check the value wth – Exprator Dec 3 at 8:18
  • yes that's exactly what i want to do – Zaki Lazhari Dec 3 at 8:23
  • it's simple as trying to compare A = 3 with B = "3", they have the same value but type(A) = < class 'int' > and type(B) = < class 'str' > so for that particular reason the code wont consider that A = B. – Zaki Lazhari Dec 3 at 8:34
  • then typecast it. do int(m) == model.field – Exprator Dec 3 at 8:35
  • I hope you need to check id (or any different field), instead of __str__/__repr__ representation. – funnydman Dec 3 at 8:40

You cannot make a comparison with a queryset, you need to do this with a field name of your choosing.
Here's an example: Assuming ModelInfo had a field like name, all you have to do is compare the string m with the model instance's field(assuming the field name is also a string), i.e:

m = 'X-POWER 3'
for model in models:
    if m == model.name:
        check = 'accepted'
    ... # continuation of your code
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