I am asking this question as I've been stuck for over 2 weeks. Now trying to figure out how to do it right, I hope I get help.

I have a Django model that I implemented PolymorphicModel my issue is I made the forms and the forms work fine when posting the first product but posting the second product, The first product is asking for a form model to render it yet am not trying to edit it. maybe my code will explain what am tring to say

my main model:

class Product(PolymorphicModel):
    product_name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    product_features = models.TextField(max_length=500, blank=True, null=True)
    product_type = models.ForeignKey(ProductType, on_delete=models.CASCADE, null=True)
    post_date = models.DateTimeField()

first child:

class PhoneTablets(Product):
    screen_size = models.DecimalField(
        "Screen size",
    battery_type = models.CharField(
        "Battery type",

    battery_capacity = models.PositiveIntegerField(null=True, 
        help_text="Battery capacity in mAh",

second child:

class LaptopComputers(Product):
    size = models.PositiveIntegerField(null=True)
    weight = models.PositiveIntegerField(null=True, )

    battery_type = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField(null=True, 
    refurbished = models.BooleanField()

my forms look like this:

PhonesTabsForm = polymorphic_modelformset_factory(Product, fields=product_fields, formset_children=(
    PolymorphicFormSetChild(PhoneTablets, fields=product_fields + ['screen_size', 'battery_type',
                                                                   'battery_capacity', 'ram_storage',
LaptopsCompsForm = polymorphic_modelformset_factory(Product, fields=product_fields, formset_children=(
    PolymorphicFormSetChild(LaptopComputers, fields=product_fields + ['size', 'weight', 'battery_type', 'refurbished',
                                                                      'operating_system', 'processor',
                                                                      'processor_speed', 'battery_capacity',
                                                                      'ram_storage', 'internal_storage'], ),

my view is a conditional view:

class PostProd(APIView):
    def get(self, request, format=None)
       if request.GET['type']==1:
           form =  PhonesTabsForm()
           form = LaptopsCompsForm()
       # serialization for the forms to be sent over API

The issue is whenever i post the first product being a phone, it post successfully but trying to add a laptop as the second product I get error. polymorphic.formsets.models.UnsupportedChildType: The 'LaptopsCompsForm' found a 'PhoneTablets' model in the queryset, but no form class is registered to display it.

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