How can I replace word with "word" in python? I've already tried this:

str = "some_word"
str.replace("some_word", '"some_word"')

but this doesn't work

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    What are you trying do to? What is this for? Also, don’t name a variable str. – Alexander Cécile Dec 3 at 8:35
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    It DOES work. But remember that the replace method doesn't work inplace. Instead do str = str.replace("some_word", '"some_word"') – Riccardo Bucco Dec 3 at 8:36
  • Also, try to check the difference between single and double quotes: tutorialspoint.com/… – furkanayd Dec 3 at 8:43

1) Don't use str as variable name as it is keyword in python.

d = 'ab'

2) String are immutable in python so you have to re-assign it like:

d = d.replace('ab','ac')

you should create a variable to receive the replaced value.

 str = "some_word"
 str = replace(old_chars, new_chars)
>>> strr = "some_word"
>>> strr = f'"{strr}"'
>>> print(strr)

  • What if the user doesn't need to replace the entire string, but only a part of it? This can't work and the solution is too specific from my point of view. Also it only works with new versions of Python – Riccardo Bucco Dec 3 at 8:46

This perfectly works:

a = "some_word"
print(a) # some_word
a = a.replace("some_word", '"some_word"')
print(a) # "some_word"

If you want to wrap the entire string in double quotes, and not only a part of it, you may use one of these approaches:

a = "some_word"
a1 = '"{}"'.format(a)
a2 = '"' + a + '"'
a3 = f'"{a}"'

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