We want to show a loading progress bar when jQuery code is being executed, however the progress bar is shown after the jQuery code has executed.

<div id="loading">
  <img id="loading-image" src="images/ajax-loader.gif" alt="Loading..." />
$(window).load(function() {

$("[id*=btnAddCa_Cl]").click(function() {

  var ttlCationCaco3 = $("input[id$='txtTdsAdjustmentForCation']").val();
  if (parseFloat(ttlCationCaco3) > 0) {
    $("input[id$='txtCalciumPpmAsCaCO3']").val(parseFloat($("input[id$='txtTdsAdjustmentForCation']").val()) + parseFloat($("input[id$='txtCalciumPpmAsCaCO3']").val()));
  } else {
    $("input[id$='txtChloridePpmAsCaCO3']").val(parseFloat($("input[id$='txtTdsAdjustmentForAnion']").val()) + parseFloat($("input[id$='txtChloridePpmAsCaCO3']").val()));

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    The JS code you've shown doesn't seem to do anything with the progress bar, except hide it on load...? Also, unless you're making a lengthy async operation (ie. 1 second+) a loading bar is rather moot. – Rory McCrossan Dec 3 at 8:37
  • What you're asking still makes no sense. There is no "jquery function executing" and your image still shows when the page loads. stackoverflow.com/questions/59068461/… – freedomn-m Dec 3 at 8:54
  • @RoryMcCrossan the values are getting calculated on the jquery event of button click. It takes more than 30-40 secs to calculate as it involves calculating values for 15-20 text boxes using various formulae – Ion IT Dec 3 at 8:59
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    Also, do you mean that you just want to show a single loading spinner graphic or a progress bar? The two are very different things. – Rory McCrossan Dec 3 at 9:04
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    The link above is to an identical question, word for word. – freedomn-m Dec 3 at 10:01

From the comments under the question it appears that you want the loading spinner graphic (note: note a progress bar, the two are very different in behaviour) to appear while your long-running chemistry-related calculations run.

The issue you have here is that the calculations are a synchronous process and prevent the DOM from being updated while they are in process. To fix this you could place the calculation logic inside a timeout with a very short delay in order to give the DOM some time to update and not block the UI from being amended. As such, try this:

let $loading = $('#loading');
let $calcPpmAsCao3 = $("input[id$='txtCalciumPpmAsCaCO3']");
let $chloridePpmAsCao3 = $("input[id$='txtChloridePpmAsCaCO3']");

let ttlCationCaco3 = parseFloat($("input[id$='txtTdsAdjustmentForCation']").val());
let ttlAnionCaco3 = parseFloat($("input[id$='txtTdsAdjustmentForAnion']").val());

$("[id*=btnAddCa_Cl]").click(function() {
  setTimeout(function() {
    // calculation logic here \/ \/ \/        

    if (ttlCationCaco3 > 0) {
      $calcPpmAsCao3.val(function(i, v) {
        return parseFloat(this.value) + ttlCationCaco3;
    } else {
      $chloridePpmAsCao3.val(function(i, v) {
        return parseFloat(this.value) + ttlAnionCaco3;

    // calculation logic here /\ /\ /\        

  }, 10);
#loading {
  display: none;

There's a couple of things to note in this example. Firstly accessing the DOM is one of (relatively) slowest things you can do in JS. As such it's worth taking steps to reduce the number of times you do it. If you need to refer to an element multiple times, 'cache' it in a variable.

Also, call parseFloat() on a value once and store it in a variable. Then you don't need to keep calling parseFloat() on something which you already had access to.

Lastly, I used CSS to hide #loading by default. Don't do this in JS as the element will be visible for a split second before the JS runs and hides it. CSS executes first and is quicker, so it avoids this issue.

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