In the output csv file its printing "eective" instead of "effective." Are there any other encodings i should use? Please let me know

This is the code:

blktext = blktext.strip() + " " + s["text"].encode("ASCII","ignore").decode("utf-8").strip()
  • What exactly is your starting text? Perhaps it contains an ff ligature (U+FB00)? What are you trying to accomplish with your decode-encode in the first place? – deceze 2 days ago
  • Your recent edit is definitely not an improvement. In any event, please refrain from making edits which do not actively seek to improve the question so that it is eligible for reopening. – tripleee 2 days ago
  • Chances are you need to use some normalization (probably NFC, maybe NFD) and depending on what exactly you want to achieve you might also want to use NFKD/NFKC. – Joachim Sauer 2 days ago