I am new to regex and I need your help. I need to parse the following text:


I need to get the values out of it while ignoring the junk. I have used the following regex:


I works fine but the problem is that sometimes value groupName3 is missing and I get no matches.

Is there a way to get the groupName3 if it is found and if not just go further to groupName4?

Link to example

Thank you.

  • Try making the part for groupName optional using an optional non capturing group (?=.*required-match).+groupName1=(?<group1>.*?)\^groupName2=(?<group2>[^^]+)(?:.+groupName3=(?<group3>[^^]+))?.+groupName4=(?<group4>.*?)\^ See regex101.com/r/kYCXSY/1 – The fourth bird Dec 3 '19 at 8:39

The part with groupName3 can be in an optional non capturing group and you could make the .+ non greedy using .*?


The pattern might look like


Regex demo

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