I wrote the follow piece of code and It works but i'm not sure why. What I wanted is to customize the jdbc configuration of spring-data-jdbc and I extended the configuration with another, but... what really happen in the IoC Container?

JdbcConfiguration is @Configuration annotated bean that instantiates a JdbcCustomConversions and i'm able to override this behavior subclassing the whole configuration and specifying ma own method, but i'm not really sure why.

public class CustomJdbcConfiguration extends JdbcConfiguration{

    protected JdbcCustomConversions jdbcCustomConversions() {
        return new JdbcCustomConversions(Collections.singletonList(CLobToStringConverter.INSTANCE));

    enum CLobToStringConverter implements Converter<Clob, String>{


        public String convert(Clob source) {

            try {
                return IOUtils.toString(source.getCharacterStream());
            } catch (IOException | SQLException e) {
                throw new RuntimeException(e);


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