I want to create a very compact parallel to serial shift register.

I have manually designed a logic tile.

I want yosys/nextpnr to just do the routing between this tile and the io pins.

I have design the code to use yosys primitive, but nextpnr fails to fuse the LUTs with the Carrys.

Here is the code:

module top (
    output PIN_21, PIN_22, PIN_23, PIN_24, USBPU,
    input CLK, PIN_1, PIN_2, PIN_3, PIN_4, PIN_5, PIN_6, PIN_7, PIN_8, PIN_9, PIN_10, PIN_11, PIN_12, PIN_13

    wire[12:0] loop;
    wire[12:0] carry;

    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('h0F0F)) sRegBorder(loop[0], carry[0], 0, loop[0], PIN_13, 0, 0, CLK);
    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('hFAFA)) sRegA(loop[1], carry[1], loop[0], loop[1], PIN_13, PIN_1, carry[0], CLK);
    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('hFAFA)) sRegB(loop[2], carry[2], loop[1], loop[2], PIN_13, PIN_2, carry[1], CLK);
    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('hFAFA)) sRegC(loop[3], carry[3], loop[2], loop[3], PIN_13, PIN_3, carry[2], CLK);
    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('hFAFA)) sRegD(loop[4], carry[4], loop[3], loop[4], PIN_13, PIN_4, carry[3], CLK);
    MyCell #(.LUT_INIT('hFAFA)) sRegE(PIN_24, carry[5], loop[4], PIN_24, PIN_13, PIN_5, carry[4], CLK);
    SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT('hFFFF)) sRegFin (PIN_22,0,0,0,carry[5]);


module MyCell(output O, CO, input I0, I1, I2, I3, CI, CLK);
    parameter [15:0] LUT_INIT = 0;
    wire lo;
    SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT(LUT_INIT)) lut (lo, I0, I1, I2, I3);
    SB_CARRY cr (CO, I1, I2, CI);
    SB_DFF dff (O, CLK, lo);

The expected result is to have just one tile with a stack of 7 LUTs.

* PIN_13 should be connected to I2 of the first 6 LUTS.

* PIN_[1-6] should be connected to I3 of the first 6 LUTS, respectivelly.

* every output of the first 6 LUTs should be buffered (DFF) and the buffered output should loop to the I1 of the same LUT.

* every output of the first 5 LUTs shoud also be routed to the I0 of the next LUT in sequence.

* the carry logic should be enabled and flow through the first 6 LUTs and at LUT7 should be captured as an output.

The result I got from yosys looks OK, but nextpnr butchers the LUTs allover the place and allocated separate LUTs for the carrys, doubling the number of LUTs used.

So basically, if I know the output that I want, at least down to a specific tile configuration, What should I write as input?

I try to compile the code on a TinyFPGA.BX.

  • PIN_22 will always be 1'b1, because the LUT value of sRegFin is 16'hFFFF. This is probably not what you want. (Also, PIN_21, PIN_23 and USBPU is not connected to anything). Am I right to assume you want PIN_22 to show if the shift register is 6'h0? – Baard Dec 4 '19 at 22:25
  • yes sRegFin is 16'hFF00, it is used to capture the carry and expose it as an output. – E. Timotei Dec 5 '19 at 6:37
  • PIN_1 through PIN_5 connected to SB_LUT4 I3 contribute no input to the circuit because the LUT value is 16'hfafa, this is probably not what you want. The described PIN_6 does not take part in the code? – Baard Dec 5 '19 at 15:05
  • So the FAFA would like to give this semantic, maybe I've done it wrong. O=I2?I3:I0 . I1 even if it not used for lut is actually used for the carry function, the lut is ignoring that input. – E. Timotei Dec 5 '19 at 19:18

I believe the answer is that what you try to do can currently not be done. I am sorry for this negative answer, I need tight packing too, so I hope someone can prove me wrong.

I did some investigations, downloaded the newest yosys and nextpnr (and arachne-pnr), and more or less copied your design. While ICECube2 gave the result I expected, neither yosys/arachne-pnr nor yosys/nextpnr-ice40 managed.

/* Just a toy implementation of a shift register, in itself unusable. Written 
 * to explore how arachne-pnr and nextpnr-ice40 handles SB_CARRY. The design is
 * not simulated, hence wrong.
 * Main results: Neither arachne-pnr nor nextpnr-ice40 are particularly intelligent
 * when it comes to SB_CARRY packing.
 * Details:
 * When SHOULD_WORK == 1
 * =====================
 * (a) yosys/arachne-pnr uses too many LUTs: 12
 * (b) yosys/next uses too many LUTs:        10 
 * (c) Lattice ICECube2:                      8 (as was expected)
 * Not satisfied, I tried to use an internal cell definition, ICESTORM_LC.
 * Worse and worse...
 * When SHOULD_WORK == 0
 * ======================
 * (d) yosys/arachne-pnr uses too many LUTs: 12
 * (e) yosys/next uses too many LUTs:        14
 * Commands used to produce (a) and (d):
 * yosys -p "synth_ice40 -blif hardware.blif" -q other.v
 * arachne-pnr -d 1k -P vq100 -p other.pcf -o hardware.asc  hardware.blif
 * Commands used to produce (b) and (e):
 * yosys -p 'synth_ice40 -top top -json other.json' other.v  
 * nextpnr-ice40 -v --hx1k --json other.json --pcf other.pcf --asc other.asc
 * Versions of programs used:
 * nextpnr-ice40 -- Next Generation Place and Route (git sha1 b863690).  (I pulled the 
 *     code today, 2019.12.05)
 * arachne-pnr 0.1+328+0 (git sha1 c40fb22, g++ 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.12 -O2)
 * Yosys 0.9+932 (git sha1 fcce940, clang 3.8.0-2ubuntu4 -fPIC -Os)
module top 
   output      PIN_22, // Combinatorical, high if shiftreg busy
   output      PIN_24, // Shift register output. 
   input       CLK,
   input       PIN_13, // Load
   input [5:1] PIN
   wire [5:0] loop, cy;

   assign cy[0] = 1'b0;

`define SHOULD_WORK 1
   wire [5:0] cmb_loop;
   SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT(16'haaaa)) l_border   ( .O(cmb_loop[0]),   .I3(1'b0),  .I2(1'b0), .I1(1'b0     ), .I0(PIN_13) );   
   SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT(16'hcaca)) l_sh [4:0] ( .O(cmb_loop[5:1]), .I3(PIN_13),  .I2(1'b1), .I1(loop[4:0]), .I0(PIN) );
   SB_CARRY                       l_cy [4:0] ( .CO(cy[5:1]),    .CI(cy[4:0]), .I1(1'b1), .I0(loop[4:0])           );
   SB_DFF                         r_sh [5:0] ( .Q(loop), .C(CLK), .D(cmb_loop) );
   wire       cmbloop0;
   SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT(16'haaaa)) l_border ( .O(cmbloop0), .I3(1'b0), .I2(1'b0), .I1(1'b0 ), .I0(PIN_13) );
   SB_DFF r_border( .Q(loop[0]), .C(CLK), .D(cmbloop0) );
   ICESTORM_LC #(.LUT_INIT(16'hcaca),
   l_shcyreg [4:0] ( .I0(PIN),  

   SB_LUT4 #(.LUT_INIT(16'hff00)) l_empty    ( .O(PIN_22), .I3(cy[5]), .I2(1'b0), .I1(1'b0), .I0(1'b0));

   assign PIN_24 = loop[5];

/* What I hope the code above describe. Should be a total of 7 SB_LUTs, 
 * and 1 SB_LUT to generate 1'b1
 *                    ___
 *                   |I0 |
 *                   |I1 |---------------------- PIN_22
 *                   |I2 |
 *                +--|I3_|
 *                |  FF00
 *                | cy[5]         
 *               /y\              
 *               |||  ___         
 *        PIN_5 -(((-|I0 |     _  
 *      +--------+((-|I1 |----| |--- loop[5] --- PIN_24  
 *      |     1 --(+-|I2 |    >_|  
 * +----(---------(--|I3_|         
 * |    |         |  AACC          
 * |    +---------(---------------+
 * |PIN_13        | cy[4]         |  loop[4]
 *            ::::::::::::::
 * |    |         |
 * |    +---------(---------------+
 * |              | cy[1]         |
 * |             /y\              |
 * |             |||  ___         |
 * |      PIN_1 -(((-|I0 |     _  |
 * |    +--------+((-|I1 |----| |-+  loop[1]
 * |    |     1 --(+-|I2 |    >_|  
 * +----(---------(--|I3_|         
 * |    |         |  AACC
 * |    |         0 cy[0]
 * |    |
 * |    +-------------------------+
 * |                  ___         |
 * +-----------------|I0 |     _  |
 * |                 |I1 |----| |-+  loop[0]
 * |                 |I2 |    >_|  
 * |                 |I3_|         
 * |                 AAAA   
 * | PIN_13         

This is a very vexing problem, which seems to reside in nextpnr/ice40/pack.cc around line 192. I am sorry I can't help, but perhaps this input can be used to improve packing in nextpnr-ice40.

  • Love your asciiart. Yes ICESTORM_LC would be an answer. Alas: github.com/YosysHQ/nextpnr/issues/364 ICESTORM_LC is considered for the moment an internal structure. So... maybe in this holiday season I can put some time into pack.cc – E. Timotei Dec 6 '19 at 7:16
  • I hope to be able to take the time to do the decent thing; and become involved in this (enhancing pack.cc). There is also the issue of cascaded LUTs to consider. This is not easily solved. Whatever happens, we are bound to see changes in pack.cc. PS. I also tried (* BEL .. *) placement constraints for this particular problem - it has effect on SB_DFF, not on SB_LUT4 or SB_CARRY. – Baard Dec 6 '19 at 23:06

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