I am fairly new to programming, especially with Object oriented languages. I'm trying to draw rectangles as instances of an object, so i can interact with them later. I am using pygame.

When using the following line in a for-loop, it will draw the rectangles like expected:

pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,(x_pos,y_pos,box_size, box_size))

However when I try to implement this into an Object I get the error that Rect is not a valid argument of pygame.rect. How is this possible? Is it out of the scope of the Object?

Also, is this the correct approach at all?

Your help is much appreciated!

import pygame, sys
import random
from pygame.locals import *

# global variables

display_width = 600
display_height = 400

# Boxes variables
amount_of_boxes = 9
box_size = 30
clear_edge = 1.5 * box_size

# colors

# Box Object
class Box:
    hovered = False

    def __init__(self, pos, size):
        self.size = size
        self.pos = pos
        # NOTE TO SELF self.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,pos,size)

    def draw(self):
        screen.blit(self.rend, self.rect)

    def set_rend(self):
        self.rend = pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,self.pos,self.size) # This line gives an error: Rect argument is invalid

def main():

    boxes = []
    # Drawing random boxes
    for i in range(amount_of_boxes):
        random_x = random.randint(0, 2*amount_of_boxes)
        random_y = random.randint(0, 2*amount_of_boxes)
        x_pos = (random_x/(2*amount_of_boxes))*(display_width -2*clear_edge) + clear_edge
        y_pos = (random_y/(2*amount_of_boxes))*(display_height-2*clear_edge) + clear_edge
        #pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,(x_pos,y_pos,box_size, box_size)) 
    for box in boxes:

    while True:
        for event in pygame.event.get():
            if event.type==QUIT:



The 3rd parameter to pygame.draw.rect() has to be a tuple with 4 elements (x, y, widht, height):

self.rend = pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,(self.pos[0],self.pos[1],self.size,self.size))


self.rend = pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAY,WHITE,(*self.pos,self.size,self.size))

If you want to use blit()

DISPLAY.blit(self.rend, self.rect)

then you've to create a pygame.Rect and a pygame.Surface:

class Box:
    hovered = False

    def __init__(self, pos, size):
        self.size = size
        self.pos = pos

    def draw(self):
        DISPLAY.blit(self.rend, self.rect)

    def set_rend(self):
        self.rend = pygame.Surface((self.size,self.size))
        self.rect = self.rend.get_rect(center = self.pos)

But, if you just wat to draw a white rectangle, then you don net need blit at all:

class Box:
    hovered = False

    def __init__(self, pos, size):
        self.size = size
        self.pos = pos

    def draw(self):
  • @Rumturf There is something more. See the answer. – Rabbid76 Dec 3 at 13:02
  • So essentially rendering a surface and filling it is the same as using pygame.draw.rect? – Rumturf Dec 3 at 13:12
  • @Rumturf pygame.draw.rect draws a rectangle onto a surface. But it doesn't create a new Surface. blit, puts a Surface onto another Surface. So you've to create one. I've extended the answer. – Rabbid76 Dec 3 at 13:16

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