I am somewhat new to Delphi and development in general and really new to 64-bit development. I have the following code from a 32-bit Delphi App from XE2 that I am trying to compile in 64-bit in 10.3.3. I am getting an Invalid Typecast error and cannot figure out how to fix it.

procedure TSetupDialog.pPkgMethodDefaultSelected;
  ParmNo: integer;
  Choice: PtrRec;
  {Making sure the user selected an actual item.}
  if lbPkgDefault.Itemindex > -1 then
      Choice := PtrRec(lbPkgDefault.Items.Objects[lbPkgDefault.Itemindex]);{ read object value}<<<<Error
      { don't accept the click if item is disabled }
      if Choice.Hi = 1  then begin {item is disabled}
      { put the selected parm's choiceNo = Choice.Lo in the Dealer table }

How can I fix this?


  PtrRec = record  { used for typecasting Stringlist objects, i.e. pointers }
    Lo: smallInt; { 16 bits }
    Hi: smallInt; { 16 bits }
  • What is PtrRec? Likely it is a 32-bit value type composed of two 16-bit words, each encoding some data about the list-box item. (So you are packing two values into a single 32-bit integer.) But now the object is suddenly 64 bit, so the 32-bit PtrRec is of the wrong size. You could extract the parts manually (using bitwise operators), or you could extend PtrRec with a 32-bit dummy integer, or do something else. – Andreas Rejbrand Dec 3 at 13:09
  • PtrRec - Record describing a pointer to a memory location. But I can't find anything on how to convert this to 64-bit. – Aaron Long Dec 3 at 13:18
  • In which unit is PtrRec declared? It would help if you gave us the complete type definition. (Hint: Ctrl-click on PtrRec in the IDE.) – Andreas Rejbrand Dec 3 at 13:24
  • 1
    It is worth emphasising that the "pointer" isn't an actual pointer to a memory location in your case. You are simply using this native-size integer as a general-purpose data field (previously a 32-bit value, now a 64-bit value -- in any case, you effectively use it to store two separate values: one "is disabled" flag and one other value ("choice number"?)). – Andreas Rejbrand Dec 3 at 13:26
  • 1
    For instance, if you have PtrRec = packed record Lo, Hi: Word; end; you could replace it with TItemData = packed record IsVisible: Word; ChoiceNumber: Word; Padding: UInt32; end; This will be the correct size (word + word + UInt32 = 16 bits + 16 bits + 32 bits = 64 bits). – Andreas Rejbrand Dec 3 at 13:34

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