When i send the command "AT+CUSD=1,"*200#",15" i get the response:


+CUSD: 0,"Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA",15  

Is there a function or another AT command to get just

Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA 

which is the the answer i want ?

  • I guess not. Just search for the position of Crdit, and copy the result from there. – LU RD Dec 3 at 14:21
  • extractResultArr := StrUtils.SplitString(modemResponseStr,'"'); will give you the result in extractResultArr[1]. – LU RD Dec 3 at 15:37
  • @LURD thanx that helped but still there is a problem, when the response contains " it works fine but when the response do not contain " it shows 邀bˤc邀b邀b諰̠,! for example when the response is OK, i found a solution but i don't know how to write it in code, i want to add an IF statement like that: If the response contain " then do the treatment you gave me how can i do that in Delphi ? here is the RxChar function: procedure var arr : TArray<String>; s : String; begin CPOoredoo.ReadStr(str, Count); arr := StrUtils.SplitString(str,'"'); memo1.Lines.Add(arr[1]); end; – Kimber Dec 3 at 22:22
  • if Pos('"',str) > 0) then ... will tell you if the " character is in the response. – LU RD Dec 3 at 22:43
  • Thank you, exactly what am searching – Kimber Dec 4 at 15:35

Modem response is string-package divided by commas.

You can:
- assign this string to TStringList.DelimitedText to get collection of individual substrings
- identify package by 0-th item - here 'CUSD'
- get 1-th item as 'Crdit...'

Example with Memo.Lines (of type TStrings):

  s: string;
  sl: TStringList;
  s := '+CUSD: 0,"Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA",15';
  sl := TStringList.Create; 
    sl.Delimiter := ',';
    sl.StrictDelimiter := True;
    sl.DelimitedText := s;

result in sl:
 +CUSD: 0
 Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA
in Memo:
 Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA
  • 1
    DA stands for Algerian Dinars it is a Currency of a north African country (Algeria my country :)). – Nasreddine Galfout Dec 3 at 20:12
  • @Nasreddine Galfout OK, it is clear now ;) – MBo Dec 3 at 20:41
  • Thank you @MBo so much, your example code worked well but i couldn't do that solution in the RxChar event, that Delimiter thing is new to me, here is the RxChar function fix it to me please: procedure TForm1.CPOoredooRxChar(Sender: TObject; Count: Integer); begin CPOoredoo.ReadStr(str, Count); Memo1.Lines.Add(str); end; also the result is 3 diffrent strings, i want to just show the second one which is Crdit :1.33DA au 21/05/20.Credit offert :0DA – Kimber Dec 3 at 21:57
  • Logic is simple: you have 3 strings and want to show only the second? - in this case don't show the first and the last. – MBo Dec 4 at 3:14
  • The TStringList sl variable you added, added the logic to my head, thnx – Kimber Dec 4 at 15:34

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