I have Laravel based project that require to upload 25MB file. I write my code as following:

// upload the file

and my php.ini file is following:


The code works fine on my development PC. But when I deploy to server (Amazon Linux 2 AMI), the file can't be stored on server without any exception given.

Anybody have idea why it behaves like this? is there any wrong setting or code?

Thanks for any support given

Last Update:

I already change the php.ini in the server and restart the httpd service. But when I print phpinfo() I got:

upload_max_filesize=2M and post_max_size=8M

I try to add custom .ini file on /etc/php.d, but still doesn't work

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    For relevant settings, please check stackoverflow.com/questions/2184513/…, there are a couple more that could come into play. For anything else - please do some actual debugging, to figure out where exactly it fails. – 04FS Dec 3 at 14:48
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    are you sure that upload_max_filesize, post_max_size is overrided at AWS? try to make a file info.php and add <?php phpinfo(); ?> and see the values – Moustafa Elkady Dec 3 at 14:48

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