As the title says, I am making a python c extension that takes input data and performs a non linear regression and returns the result. Here is the project:


However when I feed it particular sets of data, the python instance will abort, and give me the following error:

[2]    abort python3


Most of the stuff in this error message is fairly low-level language stuff (for me) so I can't figure out how to debug it or understand what is going on. This is an issue because I can't catch the exception in python etc.

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  • Please edit your question so that it is a Minimal, Reproducible Example. Thanks! – user1558604 Dec 3 at 18:06
  • In the crash dump frame 4 to 6 seems to be in your extension. I'm certain there are tools that can take the address and with a debug build can find out the exact line number (maybe a debug build of the extension will include it as well, I don't know). – Some programmer dude Dec 3 at 18:14

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