I am trying to break out of a while loop in Python 3

while not at_end()...:
    if ...:
    code here
    if at_end():

However, this does not seem to break the while loop. I have also tried putting the if right after while loop, but it does not work either. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What does at_end() evaluate? The while loop will exit once it evaluates to False. There is no need to have the if-statement at the end of your code – Chrispresso Dec 3 at 18:02
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    Well, are you sure the at_end() function is working correctly? try doing if True: break instead to check if the problem is the function definition – ori6151 Dec 3 at 18:03
  • nvm thanks guys. I fixed it. I forgot that I had the function containing while loop within forloop – abc123dropthemic Dec 3 at 18:17
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    I don't think the break statement is the issue. It should break out of the loop in that format. The problem likely is due to your at_end() function not evaluating correctly. – luckydog32 Dec 3 at 18:18

This looks like it should've been done in a for loop. But if it needs to be a while loop you can do something like this.

while_flag = True
while while_flag:
        something else
    if at_end():
        while_flag = False
  • Maybe it's a matter of personal preference, but I find more readable while not stop_flag: and stop_flag = True. – Guimoute Dec 3 at 18:09

You would typically do it like:

not_at_end = True
i = 0

while not_at_end:
    if i < 3:
        print('do stuff')
        i += 1
        print('do other stuff')
        not_at_end = False

# do stuff
# do stuff
# do stuff
# do other stuff

The iterator (i) is just to show example code. The main point is to use a boolean to break the while loop.

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